The first Baptist congregation in Canada was "planted" in Middle Sackville near Morice's Mill Pond, now Silver Lake, in 1763 upon the arrival of 13 Baptist settlers from Swansea, Massachusetts. Although most of these settlers returned to Massachusetts in 1771, and the congregation struggled for several years, the church was reconstituted by Joseph Crandall in 1798. Records indicate that a Meeting House was being used by 1809 — followed by Bethel (1842) and Beulah (1844) chapels. Over the years, other Baptist churches were built or supported in the vicinity, one being Salem Chapel (1849) in the lower town which grew to become the Main Street Baptist Church (built 1890). They in turn planted Wood Point (1878). Midgic Church was planted from Middle Sackville in 1859.

After many congregational re-organizations, the large field was divided in 1902. The Middle Sackville Baptist congregation was intended for Baptists living north of Ogden Mill Road, while those living south of this point were connected to Main Street Baptist. These were guidelines only, and overlap has always been the norm. Middle Sackville built the current building in 1905, and expanded it to include classrooms and a gym in 1995. Today, the congregation is known locally as "The Church by the Lake." Together we share in this rich history of proclaiming Jesus to our community and beyond!