Can I get a ride to church?

Yes, of course. Please contact the church office (506-536-2615) during the week and we will arrange to have someone pick you up.

Who has mailboxes? Where are they?

Our aim is for every household who regularly attends The Church by the Lake to have a mailbox. If you've been coming for awhile and don't see one in your name, talk to Patti Bryden, the church office administrator, and she will see that you get one. You will find the mailboxes on the back wall of the vestry.

What is the "vestry"?

The vestry is what we call the big gathering space at the back of the church where we meet for coffee and conversation before the church services. (Originally the word "vestry" referred to a small room in a church used for changing into ceremonial garments. We don't think our vestry ever served that function!)

What is the "Benevolent Offering"?

All of the "loose" offering received each Sunday--coins, paper bills that are not placed in offering envelopes--is used for charitable purposes to help meet emergencies which arise in our community. These funds are not tax receipt-able.

How can I get a church directory?

Talk to Patti Bryden in the church office. She will make sure you get one and will also add your contact info to the directory if you would like.

How can I get offering envelopes?

You can phone the church office and Patti, our office administrator, will be glad to help (506-536-2615). We also offer a pre-authorized debit option, and accept INTERAC e-Transfers at

I'm interested in baptism...child dedication...marriage membership. Who should I contact?

Phone the church office and you will be put in touch with the right person.